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The Weimar Visions of Gustav Wunderwald

A modern artist whose works I love: Gustav Wunderwald (1882-1945).

It might be the looming smokestacks which appear as constant motif, so reminiscent of my Union County, NJ, background. If there is a topography or locative-appearance in my sleeping dreams, they are the very same images as appear below. That might very well be where the connection with him occurs.

Unterführung in Spandau“. Oil on canvas. 1927.

“Brücke über die Ackerstraße”. Oil on canvas, 1926. 
“Die Fabrik von Löwe & Co.” Oil on canvas. 1926.
“Kirche und Fabrik (Nikolaikirche in Spandau). Oil on canvas. 1927.
“Laubenkolonie”. Oil on canvas. c. 1924.
“Viktoria-Ufer (Spandau)”. Oil on canvas. 1927.
“Lauben (hinter Fabriken)”. Oil on canvas. c. 1923.
An der Landsberger Straße“. Oil on canvas. 1926

An excellent article on his works and their context — that always-intoxicating vortex called “Berlin”.


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