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Two Paths

More fascinating insight from the infinitely illuminating consciousness of Richard Dawkins, via a single Tweet. The passion he has for science, and his extraordinary ability to distill deep truths into terse expressions (often with the most savory spicing of his driest of humors), make him a constant treasure. It is an ongoing and utterly mind-blowing honor to know that one has lived in times such as these, when one can just receive such teachings from this extraordinary consciousness while sitting on the toilet carrying out baser duties.

I actually feel profound, personal love for this man, and already know I would feel gutted if anything bad ever happened to him. To those who admire the eternals — like Bach or Beethoven, or Galileo or Newton — we must just acknowledge that we live contemporaneously to one of them. (His The Selfish Gene was recently voted, among leading scientists, as the most influential science book of all time — even more influential than Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and Newton’s Principia Mathematica.)

People often ask if I felt nervous meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, or having a long public conversation with him. And I always answer that sitting with him felt comfortable and relaxed and very, very natural. But in Dawkins’ presence, I’m quite sure I would shake and tremble.

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