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“SUTRA”: Chanting ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ [ video ]

Another work of simple meditative genius by the creative team of Daniel Kapelian and the folks at OMA Space, Seoul. This one marries my “Om Mani Palme Hum” chant alongside and within Daniel’s impeccable vision of Moment.


This is the entire chant.

Maintaining light awareness of the motion of breathing, if you chant along with this recording before beginning your sitting meditation practice, it can help to Center and ground you you and open a “space“ – – after the chanting is finished, however long you like to do it – – as you remain With the breath into your meditation.

The entire recorded chant is over 50 minutes. This can be useful for chanting allowed as you do things around the house, or out on a long run, or driving somewhere in your car. It is only an assistant on the way – – one must chant alongside it in order to develop the confidence to build a personal chanting practice.

For developing one’s regular meditation practice, it is not necessary to do the entire 15 minutes. Even Just five minutes can be extremely helpful for clearing the mind and grounding in the “center“ – – the area below the navel, and above the pubis.


This is OMA Space team at rest.

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