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The Changing Path 2 — Teaching

What was imagined “teaching” would be: (pre-monk idea) — Mellow exchanges about the Dharma, one-to-one dialogue, intimate sharing in a natural meeting.

Yen Chua, “Invoking the Goddess”

What it became: (post-monk reality) — Disciple of a charismatic Zen master who strove to move the wheel of “our Zen revolution”, as he often put it, you turn the wheel in crowds, meeting the needs of awakening-souls at the levels they require to maintain interest and enthusiasm for the work of meditation.

Precepts Ceremony, w/ Zen Master Dae Bong, Zen Center Regensburg e.V., March 2019.
During commemorative photo after delivering last public Dharma talk in Korea, at the National Buddhist Youth Association of the Chogye Order, February 2016, Chogye Sah Main Buddha Hall, Seoul.

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