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The Danube, This Morning

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Just meters from the front door of the Zen Center Regensburg, the Danube River flows under the UNESCO-listed Steinerne Brücke just this Sunday morning at 08:00. 16 degrees below zero.

Built between 1135-46, the Steinerne Brücke (the Stone Bridge) is a masterwork of medieval construction and an emblem of the city.

Louis VII of France And his army used it to cross the Danube on their way to the Second Crusade. It served as a model for other stone bridges built in Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries: the Elbe bridge (now Augustus Bridge) in Dresden, London Bridge across the Thames, the Pont d’Avignon across the Rhône, and the Judith Bridge (predecessor of the Charles Bridge) across the Vltava in Prague. (Wikipedia)


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