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Samsara in the Sea

Video created by marine biologist Luis Bedriñana-Romano of the NGO “Centro Ballena Azul” (Blue Whale Center).

Important: You need to watch closely. The suffering blue whale is NOT all of those “brown” moving things — it is the single blue-dot bouncing around amidst all of those moving ships. Do you see it? You can almost feel its terror and confusion in the midst of this man-made traffic. One of those boats may have carried an iPhone or other product from China to Amazon to DHL to me. I am also guilty.

All things are truly connected. My desires make your cycles of suffering, even in the depths of the sea.

This research is perfectly timed with a report just this week (Feb. 4) in The New York Times about our noise-polluted oceans. For undersea life, “the soundtrack of home is now hard to hear, and in many cases has disappeared.”

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