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A Beautiful Film of OKwang Sunim’s Hermitage Practice by the River

An excellent film-treatment of OKwang Sunim’s chanting and life out by a bend in the river in the mountains of Serbia. Sunim chants in the soulful, unrefined, completely natural style of the mountain monks you might be lucky enough to meet hidden away in little hermitages in Asia. This is the true spirit of the practice — nothing is performed or “for show.”

The film gives a truly unique vision of the Serb sangha gathered under his direction: simple, clear, humble, rooted in mud-and-water.

We will release a version of Sunim’s “Evening Bell Chant”, recorded during Winter Kyol Che at Zen Center Regensburg, on this blog in a few more days.

Zen Chanting - Heart Sutra & Morning bell chant

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