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Zen Chant: Leaving the Unreal Dreamspace

Zen chanting is breath-awareness with sound. Through soft-awareness of movement of breath, with modulation of sound and rhythm, we can notice the opening of a “space”, unstuck from the rolling passage of thoughts that are usually entered into so automatically throughout the day.

This little videoette is nothing much. It is just a little observation offered during the daily livestream at the beginning of the Evening Bell Chant during the start of practice one night recently at Zen Center Regensburg. An orienteering before practice — nothing more. Because the practice-form is exactly the same, day to day, sometimes folks can slip into a robotic automaticity in their work of attention. These were unstructured words given to get the attitude established afresh that night.

We thought they might have some value for others in their practice.

Zen Chant: Leaving the Unreal Dreamspace // Hyon Gak Sunim

The graphics in the film were offered courtesy of Jayoon Choi, of times 3, London. She is a long-term member of the Zen Center Regensburg family, and is an Associate Lecturer for the masters program in Graphic Communication at University of the Arts // Central Saint Martins, and an Associate Lecturer for the BA in Illustration at University of the Arts London // Camberwell College of Arts.


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