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One of the Last Retreats

So strangely adjusted to this coronavirus lockdown by now, and this completely emptied-out space approaching one year already, it seems strange to remember this excellent retreat and caring for so many guests in a very full Zen Center.

I wonder, sometimes, with all the talk about the current social-distancing conditions needing to continue perhaps until the end of 2021, if we will ever be able to constitute this sort of atmosphere for people again. There were many many hours of training staff and guests to carry the right practicing attitude in this space during these intensive, highly structured periods of inner work — I wonder if I will have the energy and the enthusiasm to shoulder all of the direct instruction that will be required to get meditation room/living space/kitchen functioning and general community flow to come together even nearly as well as we had developed it by the time this whole situation to hit last year. It’s really all just “only don’t know” about the future of this community after COVID. I get contacted all the time by people asking what our retreat schedule will be this coming spring or summer. Heck, it’s impossible to say anything about having even one retreat for the whole of 2021, what with people needing to sleep and eat and work and meditate in such close quarters as we have here, in this real temple style living

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