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Women Cannot Get Enlightenment

I know this was posted here over a year ago, but it really deserves to be shared, like, every six months or so. Even more. Its teaching-value is truly inestimable!

Dae Soen Sa Nim had this truly clear, no-bullshit way of pointing directly right at the heart of the matter. No extraneous cuts, a spiritual surgeon foremost among surgeons.

And you could substitute out the word “women”, and insert instead “buddhists”, “gay people”, “woodworkers,” “health care providers,” “conservative people,” whatever. His pointing is supremely effective and durable in any situation, at every level, in every case, whatever contortion of “identity” you throw at it.

Pure mastery. The Socratic method of true Zen. Authentic insight and the boundless liberative skill in no-hindrance expedient means that comes from it.

I don’t rah-rah endlessly because he is my Teacher. I speak this way because even just this one instance reveals why he is my Teacher.

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