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I am just a tour guide. A glorified travel agent, and not much more.

An exchange today with a new participant in our daily livestream on YouTube:

It is really important for someone like me who has this role leading meditation, to constantly and unswervingly remind the practitioner that I have nothing “special”. The practice doesn’t make me or anyone into a “special“ or “holy“ or more substantial person or thing. When anyone, in their natural enthusiasm and gratitude for returning to their just-now life, wants to think of me as a guru, I run as fast as possible in the opposite direction! (Fortunately, this correspondent might not have that “guru“ idea, but human psychology has a high possibility to trend there!)

Anyone who has truly lived long in Paris, and who has experienced deeply the many possibilities of life there, can bring a visitor to Paris and show them exactly where to find the things and experiences they need to have there. Nothing more.

You cannot really show Paris to anyone if you have only experienced it through books, or through a few YouTube videos, or even through obtaining a PhD about Paris or attending a few workshops on Parisian life and culture. You must go there yourself. You must live there.

Then, maybe, if someone comes to you with questions about Paris, you might be a little bit useful in helping them to attain their own experience there.

That is all.

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