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Finally Out…

…for errands today.

A hermit in the city, I notice that sometimes three days, four days can go by without ever stepping foot outside the door. Maybe it’s because of only needing to eat once a day, the lack of any constant obligation to depend on the outside world for such things as shopping and social connection is a small luxury I enjoy totally. Even before the lockdown, the rhythm of temple life – – whether it is in the mountains, or in this beautiful city – – is an ecosystem I feel perfectly comfortable inhabiting, and feel like I am lacking nothing. I have actually always been a total homebody. And absolutely lazy to a shocking degree. All of these things combine to make an outside trip today for a few simple errands something so exotic and wondrous! The simple sounds of the lockdown-emptied streets, the feeling of air laden with melting snow, filling the nostrils, the rare scents in the chill winter environment — a simple joy to experience, and wanting nothing more.

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