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Conventional religious belief – – particularly, of the monotheistic variety – – cannot ever exist without “opposites thinking“. There is always and inseparably generated, by this Iron Age worldview, some sort of inescapable antithesis constructing the thinking of those who hold strongly to monotheistic views. These views and ideas cannot exist without creating the tension of some “contrary”, some “inverse”, some “adverse”, some “contradiction”, some “antipode.” In short, these views cannot exist without relentlessly imagining an unreality of opposition, therefore, some opponent, an enemy. The saved and the damned. The believers and the infidels. The holy and the unholy.

Whenever a Buddhist teacher employs some of the most helpful teachings of Jesus to elucidate aspects of mind, you would think it is something to be welcomed. After all, Buddhist teachings and meditation have no opposites, no separating mentality. Reaching just as easily into the words of Jesus as the words of Buddha to explain appoint which is neither Christian nor Buddhist, in its nature, wouldn’t that sincere just your itself show the lack of borders or walls or boundaries or territories?

And yet, in this recent video we released, as in so many of the others we are uploading since the lockdown, you get these sorts of actually quite commonplace reactions:


One of the dimensions of Buddhist “pointing“ that I am so eternally grateful for, is the emphasis on “not-two“ insight. No opposites. No enemies. No antithesis or adverse. In the pure light of meditation – – just like in the vast immeasurable realm of empty space – – there is simply “not two“. This, right here, is the very nature of Buddhist liberation, Nirvana, enlightenment, don’t-know, no-mind – – whatever name we want to stick on it for purposes of communication. How so fucking beautiful is that?

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