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…Actually, Quadruple Double-Espressos…

Sponsoring this thrice-daily livestream from Zen Center Regensburg during lockdown has been one of the great honors of this whole Coronavirus Era. Many people I have never met — and might never meet physically — join the daily practice every day. They put down phones, conversations, music, distractions — most of all, they put down the sticky-fingered touch of rampant habitual conceptual thinking — to rest in the calm of their before-thinking true mind. How blessed we are to live in an age where Dharma sharing can happen in the ease of our own living environment, and we don’t need to promote such casual environmental destruction to experience the essence of Dharma community together. So wonderful.

At the same time, since this second hard-lockdown has limited Zen Center residency to just this one single tech-challenged practitioner, we see a fresh, new realm of samsaric cycling manifesting itself before our very eyes.

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