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Always Spot-On, Cioran

Some people can only connect with this sort of stuff if they have a user-friendly vocabulary which is already familiar to their training or group.

“The condition he had before consciousness“ is another word for Seung Sahn’s “don’t know”, or Osho’s “no mind,” Bassui’s “Unborn,” Lin-chi’s “original person of no rank“, Rumi’s “Lover,” and the Buddha’s “Nirvana” or “true self” or “Buddha-nature” — as well as Judaism’s “YHWH” and Islam’s “Allah”. Even writing it or drawing it are terrible mistakes.

So, you can read it again with your own favourite insertion. The point is the same: “Deep in their hearts, humans aspire to re-join _________________. History is merely the detour we take to get there.”

Now does it make more sense?

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