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Richard Dawkins Teaching Evolution to Religiously Indoctrinated Students

This is a classic, genuinely significant teaching-video: Richard Dawkins teaching evolution to a year 11 (ages 15-16) class at Park High School, London. He answers several questions of the students, most of whom are reluctant to accept evolution. This is an outstanding document of an apex thinker and educator reaching the minds of young people who have already been shaped by religious indoctrination. Absolutely fascinating must-see.

Like everything with Dawkins, I come away from the experience feeling so indescribably fortunate to have had the chance at this life, in this particular form, at this particular time, for this infinitesimally insignificant length of time to experience it to the fullest.

“Can you believe in both God and evolution?” a student asks at the beginning.

Dawkins: “Lots and lots of scientists do. And, moreover, lots and lots of senior religious teachers believe in evolution. So, if you were to talk to the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury, just about any bishop you could think of, you will find that they all believe in evolution. They also, of course, believe in God. And they will have various things that they might say [about the truth of evolution]. They might say, “Maybe God started the universe off, and then evolution took over later.” Or something of that sort. There are some people who, of course they believe that evolution is true, and it obviously is — but they might say that God ‘helped’ the evolution along sometimes. […] I don’t believe that, but there are some churchmen who do believe that.”

Richard Dawkins Teaching Evolution to Religious Students

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