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Regensburg from Above /// 위에서 본 레겐스부르크

Regensburg von oben - ANTENNE BAYERN "Bayern von oben"

This video gives a wonderful feeling for this wonderful city. I sometimes used to send it to people before they came for a visit — to familiarize them with the general atmosphere and sweep of the Altstadt where we are located, just one city block from the main cathedral.

Unfortunately, seeing this little videoette brings a wave of tears to my eyes. It fills me with feeling for Kerstin, the precious soul who did so much to get me connected to this city. She was born in the next town, Regenstauf, and spent her whole life connected to this city, raised a family here, worked and played and loved and connected to the Dharma here. She helped me to establish this Zen community here: without her, and Gabe, this movement would never have taken root in Regensburg.

But seeing this short video makes me get so emotional, and full-teary-eyed. So I don’t watch it anymore.

Kerstin Zeise (1965-2018)

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