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A New Old Talk

Even after I moved to Europe, I continued travelling back to Korea every year or so to attend the three-month intensive winter retreats (“Kyol Che”).

This is one of the last talks that I gave before stopping my travelling there in early 2016. The talk was delivered to a packed audience at Dongguk University, the main Buddhist university in Korea and the alma mater of my Teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn. It was always an honor to give talks at the school which he graduated from shortly before abandoning the world, entering the mountains, and getting enlightenment.

Maybe someday someone will provide English subtitles. But I seriously doubt that the material is of any high level — really, I am not saying this out of any faux-modesty. Often these sorts of talks were attempts to ride the “show” that I got involved in there, trying to encourage people who already had maybe too much Buddhism in the culture, imbalanced with various ancient histories and experiences that caused them to see it more as a religion (or even politics) than the pure practice we receive it in the West.

Anyway, I gave my best effort.

(Recorded May 16, 2013.)

2013년 05월 16일 현각스님 초청법회

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