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The Wind of God

Loved this mashup last March, and loving it now. Unfortunately, 250,000 deaths and the virus still hasn’t gotten the effect of the real blow-job from this righteous Texas evangelical minister.

But it is from a real sermon this minister gave in Texas early on in the pandemic — maybe the Wifi down there isn’t good enough to reach the virus:

This virus hates heat…you just, burn this thing.
I call for a supernatural heatwave, straight outta hell.

Here’s the original madness:

From 14:00, from 23:00 — it’s precious. From 27:00, he is positively devilish in his power. From 28:00, it’s virus-killin’ time. I love this guy.

Wait, wait, wait… This remix is pretty sick, too: (it seems just that one sermon of his has birthed a cottage-industry of unforgettable memes)

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