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Very, Very Interesting Talk (if you understand Korea and why I left)

A recent video post by some prominent Dharma Teacher in Korean Buddhism about my much-hyped statements criticising the natural corruptions of Korean Buddhism in 2016. This “commentary” I made, in a comment on some Facebook story, was the #1 or #2 story on all the evening news programs for two full days in Korea. One prominent Buddhist said that these comments “melted the Internet” in Korea for two days, and caused the main Buddhist order — the Chogye Order — to “shake”. It seems that the reverberations from that quick, unrefined commentary still pulsate through the bowels of the tradition, as evidenced by this talk released in the third week of October 2020, some 4 years later, through the YouTube channel of one of Korean Buddhism’s most significant temples:

공학박사가 본  종교가 과연  무엇인가? 불교가  다른종교와 다른점은?

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