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Moment = Infinite Time

One morning recently, I let the usual daily meditation period run on for a longer stretch. We sat close to one hour, as a group, without having any “warning” that things would be allowed to expand beyond the usual 35-minute period.

Then, I turned around and began speaking. It seems a little slow, at first. It was impossible to resist this indescribable calm and depth.

But it seemed a good time to describe the benefit of doing “longer” sittings, when possible. And it also became clear that a “longer” sitting is actually not longer than anything at all. Thinking alone creates that feeling or estimation or measurement.

Moment really does equal infinite time. This means that there is no “time” unit; there is no time at all.

Moment = Infinite Time

As always, thanks to Ioannis Papadopoulus, Matt Semke, and Jayoon Choi. And many thanks to Byungsoo Kang for the subtitles in the Korean-language version, which will be released in a few days.

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