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Sam Harris / Richard Dawkins: Is Consciousness Doing Anything?

A snippet of a great conversation that Sam Harris had recently with Richard Dawkins: “Is Consciousness Doing Anything?”

Is Consciousness Doing Anything (Making Sense with Sam Harris)

The entire talk can be experienced on Sam’s website. I have subscribed to his podcasts for several years now, and it ranks there with The New York Times as one of the essential sources informing my worldly reflections on this day-to-day life. I treasure especially not only Sam’s fantastic intellect, but his steely courage and his laser-sharp enquiry, and above all else, I treasure his bodhisattva-mind: He genuinely feels great serious pain for the condition of humanity, and works extremely hard not just to think our way to solutions and better possibilities of discourse. But he has also developed a meditation app which helps countless people, every day, get connected to their original nature, The Waking Up App. I have not checked it out, but have heard that it benefits so many people.

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