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Sanity / Insanity

Sometimes, during the sitting-meditation periods, I give a few short words of teaching. I try to limit it as much as possible, to stay out of the way, to not be a “presence” in this short, essential opportunity people have to look inside in silence and non-duality. The short talks during sittings are never theoretical or philosophical or humorous: they are only meant to drive the effort in the room. Sometimes I sense that the room could use some encouragement, or a sharpening of their view, especially after the lunch, when there tends to be a little droopiness (even in my own practice!).

During a 2-day retreat June 27-28 at Synthesis Center in Athens, these words got recorded. I believe it is a vital point that needed to be shared here, one that really boils down the matter of “how” we should sit, a point I often use in teaching: “Simply have the same relationship to your arising and disappearing thoughts as you do to the arising and disappearing of sounds during meditation.” So totally grateful to be assisted in these video expressions by Ioannis Papadopoulakis [Vajra Vlito Studios] and Matt Semke, of www.catswilleatyou.com.

Sanity / Insanity

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