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Freedom IN Suffering

I gave a talk in a public community center in Haugesund, Norway (the so-called “Bible Belt of Norway”, for its dense concentration of Christians), in May 2019.

A student asked if we can use meditation to avoid suffering. “Why sit meditation? Can meditation help us to be free from suffering?“

The answer is, well, “Hell no!”

Freedom in Suffering [Insta-bite]

I always emphasize that meditation is not some panacea. (Though it’s very, very close!) It means having connection with that infinitely vast and indescribable expanse of subject/objectless no-birth/no-death true nature, the consciousness that does not appear or disappear, or come and go. Being rooted more firmly in this, the mind does not become free: it returns to its original freedom. Then even suffering or happiness, coming and going, cannot shake you.

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