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Social-Distance Like Jesus!

Sometimes people write me questions about practice and life. It is usually a great opportunity to apply the teachings against some unique personal situation. And yet, at the same time, the matters people face are often quite similar to things that the rest of us face. “The 10,000 problems return to the one.”

I recently received a letter from a sincere meditation student in Greece. She asks about having periods of strong spiritual clarity, especially since beginning Zen practice, and yet having that clarity become “disturbed” most especially when interacting with other human beings. She writes about something which many of us also experience: “Why is it so difficult to keep clarity without social distancing? And although I’ve been practicing social distancing for many years now, I still feel like it’s like ‘you can run but you cannot hide!’ I mean… I know a lot more about myself [from Zen practice] but it’s difficult to apply it in the everyday life especially in relationships with other people.”

The answer? WWJD.

Social-Distance Like Jesus!

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