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Quarantine Retreat

This coronavirus situation has really been a godsend for me, in so many ways. It is just terrible that it is built on so much fear, suffering, and death.

But for a practitioner like me, who treasures his solitude as something truly sacred, it has opened up opportunities I had denied myself for years upon years, senselessly running around to “spread” the Dharma, being weighted down with constant “busyness,” leading to excess after excess.

Now, I get up, do solo Ashtanga practice at 3:30 in a darkened Dharma Room in just my underwear (no need to perpetually launder yoga tights!), and lead the practice from our Dharma Room without needing to care for or socialize with guests.

But on top of all of this, we are building a veritable library of teaching-videos which have been years and years in the wishing: A record of reflections, replies to commonly-asked questions, guidances, episodes from 30 years of practice on three continents, adventures in Dharma with several of the great teachers of 20th-century Zen, and the usual rants against organized religion. And sometimes, some Dharma.

Every day, twice a day.

YouTube: cloudpath108

The link is: youtube.com/user/cloudpath108/live

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