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Moment-World Clear

One of my favorites of the recent collaboration with the Greek artist, Christina Biliouri. This is just the beginning, and there are so many more to come.

This is becoming such an interesting project: Having been urged by some of our young local members of the Zen Center Regensburg to put some posts on Instagram which would advertise the Center by sharing teachings, I reached into something which would marry her uncommon eye and some of the great Zen star-teachings which fill the spectrum of my intellectual firmament — and many of the notables are not monks, or Zen masters, or even Buddhist or religious, in the narrow technical sense so defined. Just expressions of the Dharma, which means expressions of Reality, by whatever consciousnesses express it most clearly.

This line from Emily Dickinson recalls and restates the seed-teaching of the Avatamsaka Sutra quoted super-briefly by Dae Soen Sa Nim in The Compass of Zen: “One Moment is infinite kalpas; infinite kalpas is one Moment.”

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