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“In the Age of AI”

Frontline documentaries have always been among the most respected journalistic work on American public TV, on American any TV. They are non-political, in-depth, and they tear the veil covering some of the most important issues of the day.

If you want to understand the current trend-lines with artificial intelligence, this is something that you should definitely invest a look at. It is a chilling presentation on the politics of AI, the new tech war, the future of “work,” AI and corporate surveillance, and the threat to democracy posed by the abuse of AI by so-called “bad actors” (i.e., human beings). Must-see stuff. It is not technical, and gave a really clear sense of some off the basic concerns about AI, in ways that any layman could understand.

I came away from this feeling definitely more worried, especially with regard to how China is using AI to build a dystopian total-surveillance state — already, right now — that would make George Orwell or Philip K. Dick freak out.

This is must-see TV.

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