A2Z in Regensburg

The hairless and and the handsomely haired, in concert together.

A2Z was some casual concept in an Iranian restaurant in Thessaloniki one night after practice. There was Kristina, and Alessandro, from Varese, and Dimitra, and a few others. A spontaneous meal. And I talked about the work I am doing with them all is A2Z: Ashtanga to Zen (or the other way around). Helping the Sangha break on through to the other side, through simple chanting (OM mani padme hum) and sitting Zen. The Big Question: Great Doubt. Don’t know, right here, right now. No interviews or Chinese word games. Straight attainment. Strong chanting the Great Dharanis. Local Heart Sutras become powerful chanting exercises.

So, A2Z, as a concept, began in an Iranian restaurant in Thessaloniki. We continue the work in Athens and Thessaloniki whenever possible. And there is the home base at Zen Center Regensburg. Here is our first statement of the training in Germany outside the Zen Center’s walls and temple structure. Let’s see how it goes.

Here they go with that “Zen Master” stuff again. Got to get the Poster Police active on this.