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Kyol Che is Coming

Teaming up with the great Matt Semke, and benefitting mostly from his genius, we designed this ad for last year’s 90-day Winter Kyol Che.

The teaching of the ad is — sadly — still relevant. (Throw in a little climate crisis terror, to boot?)

Only the dates have changed: due to certain health considerations, it is no longer possible to put my torn-meniscus knee and another part of the body through 90 days of sitting on the cushion, 9 hours a day. The doctors all tell me that there will be constant discomfort and even a deterioration of the condition, if I continue to try to practice like back in the early days.

So, the retreat will be held from November 11, 2019 until January 9, 2020.

Contact our office for a Registration Form. [email protected]


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