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It Ain’t Good — It Ain’t Bad

Seeing this great bodhisattva tomorrow in Oslo. Erik “Yogi” Møller — great friend and brother and Zen student — the man who first liberated me from carbs. (Are there many other reasons to praise his sacred soul?)

Due to the SAS Air strike in Norway, flight to Haugesund Zen Senter stops in Oslo, and the connecting flight to Haugesund has disappeared. I can only take a 9-hour train trip to Stavanger the next morning from Oslo, and get picked up there and be driven to the retreat center just in time for the public talk and retreat.

As Dae Soen Sa Nim taught us, “A bad situation is a good situation, and a good situation is a bad situation.” It seemed so strange going to teach in Norway this time but having no room in the schedule to see the two Souls who brought me there, again and again and again — Homa and Yogi. This strike gives a chance for that precious karmic bond to be renewed, in the flesh.

Yogi uses music to teach and move souls. He lovingly recorded and mixed all of our chanting sessions. Please enjoy and share this wonderful chant with guitar.

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