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Welcome to my new blog.

“Don’t make anything,” Dae Soen Sa Nim always used to say. So, why begin this blog? For many years, I have been advised to share reflections and teachings with people who cannot get to the Zen Center for practice. I resisted this, rejected this, but that inevitably leads you to sharing things on social media. Posting sacred chants like “The Great Dharani’ sandwiched in between cat videos and food pics just felt awful. It was time to get out — like, 5 years ago. But building a Zen center from nothing requires total focus that I could never give to an effective transition from social media to a serious forum. So, today, this has been “made.” I hope there is something of value to help even one person make a step forward in looking into their true nature. If that happens — if even one person benefits from these (mostly senseless) ramblings — then I have violated my Teacher’s “don’t make anything” directions for some small good. That is the only thing to be hoped for.

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