Category: Bodhisattva Action

On the Road

This is how the Dharma moves: overland, hugging valleys and rivers, swaying with rhythmic pushings here and there against an ass imprinted too long on a seat, in the dark,

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Clean Hands

A participant in the big public talk on Wednesday night in Zürich, three nights ago, sent her personal photo from the event. The particular lighting of this one made it

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Oh, man (woman)! Watch this out. such total truth. Total clrarity-insight — absolute sad-truth reality, right here — THIS, above any other analysis, is the true state of things:

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Zen Monk at the Race Track

I have been invited this weekend to give meditation counseling to a disciple who is racing this weekend on the UK’s fastest race track. An aspiring racer beginning in the

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Next Public Event: Zürich

I am very happy and honored to be invited to present the teachings of Zen at this event in Switzerland. If you are anywhere near Zürich from September 5-11, DM

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Round Up for Ukraine

How heartening and inspiring and motivating is this little nudge built into the taxi app I used in London today: If this button is clicked, the fare will be rounded

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