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Moment of the natural, sinewy lovingkindness of the protective man-god, also the wrathful deity prepared to take this, hand-to-hand to the end, if necessary. And the esteem of his wounded warriors while they clearly struggle with unimaginable loss. A nation of cripples for two generations — how this will weigh like a sack on their future national development, the need to care for a population of the half destroyed, either physically or mentally. Samsara, thy name became Ukraine. And also great enlightenment…?

One geopolitical strategist said recently,

The turning point in this whole conflict was, from my point of view and that of many volunteers in TRO and ZSU "I don't need ride, I need ammunition" - President Volodimir Zelensky. That was the moment when queues of hundreds of meters and thousands of people formed at recruitment centers in central and western Ukraine. That was the moment that changed the face of the war.


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