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Two Begging Bowls

When you first ordain, you receive two things: a large “kasa” and a set of bowls. The bowls are symbolic of begging for food and medicine and housing. You essentially become homeless, in that instant of ordination, a beggar and a sort of glorified street person. When I first became a monk, and defined the word Bikkhu for my parents [Wikipedia: “Bhikkhu literally means “beggar” or “one who lives by alms”], my dear Mother exclaimed, “Oh, we send this man to Yale and Harvard just to become a street beggar!”

So, it’s time for the begging bowl to come out and make its holy rounds.

Anyone who supports is supporting my efforts and ability to spread the Dharma, without having a religion or organization or Order or denomination backing me up, helping me to take care of supporting this Community and offering meditation for free to as many people as possible. The support I receive through these outlets — and now through sales of the Online Course: Authentic Temple Zen — is also set aside to donate for the rent of Zen Center Regensburg’s facilities.

Thank you, by your donations, for making my Mom proud that I’m not a complete and total fuckup.

1. Begging Bowl #1

    Go there directly from here:

    2. Begging Bowl #2

    Cut through the traffic and arrive there here:

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