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The Sugar Cube and the Heart Sutra

Do you STILL think that the Heart Sutra’s “form is emptiness, and emptiness is form” is too hard to understand? Ha ha ha ha ha. NOT after THIS video, you won’t! It’s game over — you can just kiss that former blindness goodbye.

Here is the newest teaching-video from Zen Center Regensburg. These are some very short reflections I gave last night during Evening Practice — during chanting, right in the middle! — on the profound, direct meaning of the Heart Sutra (반야심경), and its use for our lives.

“공 사상 너무 이해가 어렵다”고 아직 생각하고 계세요? 이 매우매우 짧고 알기 쉬운 비디오를 보고 나서 그 생각을 평생간 한번도 또 다시 일어나지 않겠죠! 진짜요!

(PS — This post is not, in any way, an endorsement of sugar.)

The Sugar Cube and the Heart Sutra /// Hyon Gak Sunim (현각스님)

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