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Ukraine New Year 2

I watched it until the end, and you should, too. It is the truest use of an elegaic, yet “imperative” oratory, at the level of the Gettysburg Address, on so many levels (though I can’t speak to any classical references in his talk, matching Lincoln’s elegaic nods). Searing, bright polemic against a Chiaroscuro mix-background, with history pounding insanely from overhead. He manifests such extraordinary, steely-steadiness in the chaos, an embodied, inspiring vision to unite a mass of desperate minds — into one. What a fucking job.

I can not believe that I can live to witness this, something read in the old classics, a living exemplar of the heroic spirit in its fullest spectrum, in his whole character, beginning even in the slapstick comedic TV days. What an absolute God-man this is. The fullest human spirit, and in this case directed for the noble and good. I cannot believe we live in his time.

New Year greetings of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

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