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“Authentic Temple Zen: The Novice” — the New Course is Out

"Authentic Temple Zen" -- The Novice (Trailer) /// Hyon Gak Sunim

The first course — “Zen Meditation: The Basics” — was designed to give a nuts-and-bolts, from-the-ground-up training in the basic mechanics and operation of the practice of seated meditation, sitting Zen.

But the format of such a course did not permit me to walk the trainees through the actual practice of sitting meditation, like I do in a retreat. In the retreat setting — when I am guiding people sitting in the same room with me, for several days — I spend the first day or two offering very simple, targeted, non-intrusive guides for the practitioner to “stay on track”, while they meditate. As the day progresses, as the days progress, I disappear this role very subtly, until the student is left flying with their own wings.

The second (and hopefully the LAST) of our “Authentic Temple Zen” series is “The Novice”. This course is a series of six weeks of guided meditations, offered quite similarly to the way I offer them during the retreat. Of course, I don’t have your presence in the room while you are doing this. I cannot hear or “feel” your breathing, how it is stressed or labored or burdened, and then tweak some directions accordingly. But for general purposes, this course will give the tools for you to build a home-practice even when you cannot travel the long distance to Regensburg to sit with us.

Find it here: https://www.mirrorofzen.com

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