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Pointless Karmic-Fanboy Pursuits in Budapest

While in Budapest to attend the performance of a group of Korean musicians, I stopped in at Dad’s office — the Budapest Opera House — for a brief tour. It sent chills up and down the spine to be informed that the floor-tiles are the originals that he walked over on a daily basis; that the wood-carvings in the panelled hallways are things he leaned on with his universe-shouldering framework; and that even the chandeliers are the originals that illuminated his nervous footsteps and spastic gait along the way.

I also ate in the restaurant which he frequented across the street from the opera house. The interior is much changed, of course. But the menu was fairly typical Austro-Hungarian country fare, and I sat there eating, alone, gazing out the massive front window to take in the exteriors of the period-buildings across Ándrassy utca.

Interestingly enough, Mahler frequented a place called the Hotel Metropole during his years in Budapest, both for lodgings and for meals.

Where Dad stayed (1888-91).

By happenstance (coincidence? mystic truth?), and without previously knowing this factoid at all, during this trip I had reserved, for this two-night journey, a tiny room in a cheap little pension nearby the Liszt Conservatory — called the Metropolis Hotel. (Not nearly the same “Metropole” as Mahler, but basically a three-room AirBnB.)

What are the odds of that happening?

Where the Son stayed (Sept. 2022).

As it is written in the Scriptures — which contain no errors, of any kind, ever, being the eternal unchanging word of Almighty God — “I and the Father are one.” (John 10:30). Indeed.

And Amen.

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