A Merry Metaverse and a Happy New Black Friday

Look what Santa brought. Happy now, human beings? We get so many Christmas presents, but really any “presence”?

This reminds me of why my Teacher used to say, “Be careful when you want a ‘good thing’. Because when you get a ‘good thing’, you also get its opposite. Then, you suffer. But you don’t consider this when you just want a ‘good thing'” so, human suffering continues, nonstop.”

Pretty soon the guy who owns a big blue social media site where I share these posts will be plunging the rest of our limited attention-spans (and our Palaeolithic emotions and medieval institutions) inescapably into whatever ‘bad thing’ comes along with this childish plan for a brave new world of total VR-based “reality” — “the meta verse” — as if the ripple-effects of that site on our psychology and our fractured world weren’t enough to manage!

H/T: Abhijat Kamiar Ehsani

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