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I ❤️ NY?

Having lived in both cities, I can attest this meme to be true.

Boston is, for some reason, the worst place I ever lived on three continents. I lived there (meaning Boston/Cambridge) for five years, and I have actually said that I hate it. Like, there is a palpable visceral revulsion about it. I wouldn’t spend another week there even if offered an endowed chair at Harvard. The place makes my skin crawl, especially the pointless ganglion of highways you need to deal with if you are ever condemned to the hell of using ANY vehicular traffic. For whatever its brickyard-facade of old colonial charm in some areas, it is truly a horrible place. I consider people who live there to be some sort of damned tribe. Blech!

New York, on the other hand, is like home. I lived there for only about two years, but I’d live there again. Well, maybe. Having given up on enduring the disaster of existence that is the modern big city, and being centimeters away from officially renouncing membership in the socio-political insanity that is the U.S.A., I wouldn’t easily choose life in NYC again.

But Boston? Hopefully in no future lives, as well.

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