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Blog this Trip (10): Snack in the Room

Now, from the predawn departure in the dark from the Zen Center in Regensburg, through train and bus to airport, flying to Oslo, and then train and taxi into downtown, having meetings with the event organizers, leading a “private consultation,” and then working on sound remastering for the bells sounds, it’s time for a rest. Grabbed a little veggie burger to put me to sleep.

Normally, I only eat once per day. But when there is travel, something like this beginning several hours before dawn in one city and finishing up late in the evening in another city, after some travel I will sometimes have a light snack soon after arrival. And then maybe another. Having a little extra food there grounds me and makes somehow the metabolism to “click” with the situation here. I don’t know if it’s the general organizational anxiety churned through from packing things and setting things in order before leaving the Zen Center, to all of the travel points that need to be matched along the way, to the security inspection at the airport and all of the boarding, the flight, the arrival and integration with a somewhat different climate — but when I arrive, it’s sometimes helpful to split this one meal into two smaller intakes.

Just don’t tell the people back in Regensburg that I sometimes check emails while eating.

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