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The Rev. Al Sharpton and the Collision with White Supremacy in American Christian Nativism

Friday, Athens.

Whatever you think of him, leave it on the side. This link is a fiery eulogy in the prophetic spirit, by the Reverend Al Sharpton. His eulogy is part of a larger beautiful ceremony in a predominantly black church, at the recent funeral for another young black man shot in Minneapolis, Duane Wright. On the day after a verdict is reached in the lynching of George Floyd. A powerful statement of what is going on in America today – – this uprising against injustice, and the fiery nativist response.

I’m not a big fan of Al Sharpton, but he is a leader and significant spokesperson for something existential at the heart of America: the matter of racial equality, humanity, and decency. I grew up with him in the news in New York for some completely made up, fabricated “racist“ scandal that turned out to be a lie and a sham. So I never really trusted what he was all about. But I don’t really care. He’s doing some significant work now. From the Tawanna Bradley episode, I have him in mind as kind of a huckster. Just on old memory.

But his politics are completely spot on, at least for this matter. Without using the term “white”, he addresses the former soul of white Christian conservative America, and tells them here that God is on the side of the oppressed, not the oppressor. For whatever I or you or anyone else thinks about Al Sharpton the showman, he channels this great prophetic tradition and is inclusive and wishes to hold up the conscience of good people to these common sense matters of humanity.even critiques their so-professed “Christian“ belief.

Watch only Reverend Al’s fiery Oration, which is a calling to arms and an announcement that a movement is starting which will continue “fighting“ against the injustice of voter suppression laws and this police brutality. The backlash against white supremacy is on. And white America is arming itself with new laws in several states that protect the legality of ramming protesters with cars. And at the end of his talk, he Rouses the crowd with announcements of future street demonstrations, clearly non-violent but presenting a dilemma two whites nearby.

Watch this only from 1:36 to 2:03. That is his eulogy. Powerful. The organ! This is the soul of the Black church, the soul of America.

Daunte Wright funeral: Hundreds gather in Minneapolis in remembrance | FULL

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