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Beautiful Teaching, by Sam Harris

Whatever people might interpret about his views on this or that, the thing that sets Sam Harris so far far apart from other public intellectuals, is his efforts to develop a technology which has practical uses for waking up. I mean his meditation app. So many people report that it supports their practice. While I am also working on a meditation app these days, the project is being done with full cognizance that it cannot match – – nor will it ever attempt to! – – the extraordinary range and fullness of Sam’s amazing meditation app. I have not used it myself – – I already have a daily meditation practice for 30 years – – but so many people report having received benefit from it. I looked into it, and found the range and depth and care of it to be extraordinary. He truly is a bodhisattva.

These “nudges” are just such helpful pointers, especially for people just starting out on the way:


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