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OKwang Sunim Teaching on Zen

Jednostavno ZEN

A simple, clear, elegant video presentation of my elder Dharma brother OKwang Sunim’s basic presentation of “What is Zen?” He spent many, many years practicing intensely in jungles of Southeast Asia, as well as the Zen halls in Korea, so he has a perspective on Zen which is wide and deeply nuanced.

Sunim lives and practices at a small hermitage community that he established near a bend in the river located somewhere two-hours somewhere from Belgrade. He gets his water from a well that he dug with his own hands, grows his own vegetables, gathers his own mushrooms, and his electricity is jimmy-wired in through some cable from a far adjoining property. 

He is the most prominent Buddhist teacher in Serbia, his beloved native land. He is a great monk who I have always respected very much — a real old-goat Zen practitioner like they don’t make them anymore. I have been meaning to post a short video of his chanting of our Evening Bell Chant. I regard it as the most authentic Evening Bell Chant by any practitioner except for Dae Soen Sa Nim himself. 

[The video above is in Serbian — you need to click the “subtitles” option on YouTube to get his teachings in English.]

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