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Die Before You Die

Written on a monastery wall at Mount Athos, Greece:

This is exactly the work of true meditation. It is very, very, very hard to express in words the “how” of this experience. The nearest possible verbal congruent would be to say, “tasting emptiness.“ But these words also have their own unfortunate connotations. They fly so wildly off the mark that they would point to! Saying, “only don’t know,“ or labeling it with Osho’s “no mind” are pretty good-ish. Maybe Bassui’s “Unborn” comes the closest of all of these words to signify it. And even that is a mistake. This whole damn post is a mistake. Who is reading these words right now? Who is breathing? There – – you’re already “dead“. The dead that never ever “dies”.

(h/t: The Immortality Key)

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