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Sam Harris: “Conversation, or Violence”

I listened to this twice in one week.

An absolute masterpiece: essay-writing at its most sublime. This is gutsy, and wide-ranging, and clear as a laser. But it benefits best from being listened to twice. Too much depth, nuance, and an incredibly nimble build-out of understanding that only Sam Harris can do. We are all so lucky to have his vast intelligence, sensitivity, courage, and most of all, his neurotic bodhisattva heart.

Money quote: “Your capacity to be offended isnt something that I, or anyone else, should respect. Your capacity to be offended isn’t something that even you should respect. In fact, it is something you should be on the lookout for. All we have between US and the total breakdown of civilization is a series of successful conversations.”

Making Sense with Sam Harris #207 - Can We Pull Back From The Brink? (June 12, 2020)

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